Hand vacuum cleaner on the battery for cleaning in the apartment

shane briant Hand vacuum cleaner on the battery for cleaning in the apartment

Dust and fine debris are perfectly removed with a vacuum cleaner – a rather bulky and heavy device. You have already had to assemble this unit several times a day to fix certain trifles: to collect crumbs from the couch, to clean the plinth from the closet and other things from the dust? Now imagine that you do not need to do this anymore, because you have a manual vacuum cleaner for the house on the battery. To use it – well, it’s like a remote!

Do you need a manual vacuum cleaner?

Hearing about the novelty among the cleaning technology, there is a desire to independently test the effectiveness of the invention. But before you buy a rechargeable vacuum cleaner, think: do you really need it? To determine the need for a purchase, answer the following questions “yes” or “no”:

BD handy vacuum cleaber

  • Does it happen that you have to get a vacuum cleaner more than once a day?
  • Do you have a small apartment?
  • Do you clean yourself in the car yourself?
  • Do you have young children?
  • Do you keep pets?
  • Do you like perfect purity?


If you answered “yes” to at least 2-3 questions, a vacuum cleaner with battery power for you is a rescue. With its help, you can collect scattered baby sugar, flour, cereals. The device will help you quickly and dry to collect spilled drinks, crumbs from the table, dust from the shelves and from places difficult to reach for a normal vacuum cleaner. It was a wand-rescue machine instead of a traditional cleaning cloth – I pressed the button and collected the garbage.

Advantages and disadvantages of manual vacuum cleaners

What you can get mini vacuum cleaners on batteries for the house, and can not give a classic model – there are advantages:

  • Small weight (1-3 kg). A little more than mixers or blenders, which are so easy and convenient to use
  • Small sizes (like the same mixer), respectively, you need a minimum storage space
  • Handy – the device is always at hand, like a remote from the TV. Vacuum cleaner on the battery for cleaning in the apartment is always ready for work
  • Ease of operation – do not pull a heavy unit behind you. He is all in one hand
  • Noiselessness – manual models have a low noise level, so you can use them at any time of the day, without disturbing neighbors and sleeping household members
  • Ability to remove dust and dust in places where there are no outlets (cars, dachas and utility rooms not connected to the electric line).

But a vacuum cleaner with a battery without a cord is not without its minuses:

  • Dependence of the device on the batteries – if they are discharged, then you will not be able to use the vacuum cleaner
  • Batteries are charged up to 3-18 hours depending on the model – during this time you are deprived of an assistant
  • Manual models are not designed for long cleaning – they need to be used quickly, otherwise the device can overheat from prolonged operation, plus, the battery charge is enough for a short time
  • After work the device cools down for a long time, but while the vacuum cleaner has not cooled down – again to work it is not ready.

The list of shortcomings can be reduced to two lines, if you buy a model with a cord. With its help, you can use a vacuum cleaner even when the battery is low. But here lies another disadvantage – high cost. However, the relative disadvantage is that one person is expensive, another may seem cheap.

All you need to know about vacuum cleaners

If a few dozen years ago there was no question of any kind of vacuum cleaners, today several main types of these miracle aggregates can be distinguished. So, they can be divided into the following varieties:

  • Classic vacuum cleaners with dust collectors / bags (for both dry and wet cleaning);
  • Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter (provide filtration with water);
  • Vacuum cleaners without bags, which, in turn, are divided into container and
  • –°yclone vacuum cleaners.

How to choose a manual vacuum cleaner

In order to choose a manual vacuum cleaner for a house or apartment on a battery, you need to know what this device is. Its design includes:

  1. Engine
  2. Dust collector
  3. Cyclonic filter
  4. A set of brush-attachments.

The more baits, the more efficiently you can organize cleaning. A brush suitable for cleaning the carpet may not be effective when cleaning the parquet floor. The kit can also include nozzles without brushes and additional hoses.

Suction power

The device usually indicates the power of the engine, which for manual vacuum cleaners may not reach even 1 kW. But it is not as eloquent as suction power, which ranges from a few tens to hundreds of watts. Models with a suction power of up to 60-70 W are low-power, about 80-90 W are medium. The most powerful and suitable for high-grade cleaning are vacuum cleaners with a suction power of 100 W and above.

Something else?

Pay attention to the size of the vacuum cleaner and its weight : it should sit comfortably in your hand. You should not get tired during cleaning for 5-10 minutes. Therefore, in the store, hold the device, lift it to a height and move it from side to side. If you do not encounter any inconvenience – the vacuum cleaner is suitable. In this case, the size should seem to you suitable for operation and storage.

Pay attention to the capacity and the duration of charging the batteries . The larger the capacity, the longer the unit can run without recharging. But then the process of charging itself will be prolonged. But due to the fact that with each process of discharging / charging capacity decreases, it is more rational to purchase a model with high-capacity batteries. It is desirable to charge only after the total energy consumption